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Tai Chazuke

Chazuke is a very simple soupy rice bowl using tea or Dashi. Broil Madai or Red Sea Bream. Take meats off from the bone. Take Dashi with this Madai bones and Kombu. Place a scoop of rice in a bowl, pour Dashi and top with Wasabi.

Clam Rice

Littleneck clam Rice cooked in Donabe(Clay pot). Cook Clams first and remove from the shells, add to rice at the end of the cooking. Cook rice with clam juice, kombu (kelp) and Enoki mushrooms. $35 for four

Pumpkin Skin

You wonder if there is any use for the pumpkin skin left over from making a pumpkin pie. It is a highly nutritious part and there is a good use for them. Kelp stock (Kombu Dashi) is a good match.