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Bruschetta brings brightness and everyone’s appetite to the table. Dice Tomatoes in 1/3 inch cubes and place them in a sieve. Mix drained tomatoes with chopped fresh Sweet Basil and place a scoop on a toasted, garlic rubbed slice of baguette. This will kick off a great evening.

Semi-Dried mini Tomatoes

Cut in half and put them in an oven for 6 to 8 hours depends on the sizes and how you want to them to be finished at 265 F. This freshly made dried Tomato is great in salad or with cheeses, the sweetness and the tartness explode in you mouth. You can also use them for many cooking.

Camembert cheese Pie

Dried Tomatoes and Basil were sandwiched inside of whole Camembert Cheese and wrapped with a pie sheet. Flaky light pie crust with melting Camembert enhanced with concentrated tomato flavor with basil. You know this is a great combination. Great wine companion. $20

Dried Tomato Pie

A simple Tomato Cheese Pie. This is a good way to enjoy these plump, semi-dried Tomatoes. It is sweet, tart and rich tomato flavors are enhanced by Parmigiano-Reggiano and Basil. This large pie can be shared with four, though certainly not necessary to share. $16

Dried Tomatos

Cut the Tomatoes in half and bake them slow in the oven with low heat to make dried tomatoes. They turn sweeter with much deeper flavor. This by itself is good to nibble but you can do a lot with them.