Salmon Pressed Sushi

It is easy to make using any plastic containers and decorate any way you like.

4/1 Ib Sushi quality Salmon
A few Salmon roe
6 Shiso leaves or Sesame leaves
1 C Cooked Rice
2 T Rice Vinegar
1 T Sugar

1. Dissolve Sugar and a touch of Salt in Vinegar

2. Sprinkle Vinegar on Warm cooked rice and mix. Let it stand to cool

3. Slice Salmon meat thin and lay a half of them on the bottom of the container.

4. Lay Shiso leaves and put rice over. Repeat this twice to make layers.

5. Use the bottom of another container to press to shape.

6. Turn it over on a plate and decorate with Salmon roe.
It is easier to take it out if you cover the inside of the plastic container first with plastic wrap.