Bitter Squash Hamburg Steak

Bitter Squash Hamburg Steak. It looks like a flower.

For Two:
1/2 Bitter Squash
1/4 Ib Ground meat(beef and Pork 50/50)
1/8 Onion
1 inch Carrots
1 t Flour
Salt, Pepper

1. Slice Bitter Squash in 1/2 inch rings. Take seeds and soft tissues out.
Rub with salt, wash and pat dry them with kitchen paper.
2. Chop Onion and Carrots fine, mix with meat, salt and pepper.
Form small balls.
3. Flour Bitter Squash rings and place meat and push through a half way.
4. Place the meat balls Bitter Squash side down first on a frying pan with oil, cover with a lid and cook. Turn it over until done.