Matsutake Soup

Matsutake Soup Japanese style. Use clear Dashi stock and make it simple to be able to enjoy the full aroma and the texture of Matsutake. Soup like this is served with covered bowl and you enjoy the aroma comes up as you open the lid.

For four:
1 Matsutake
8 Small Shrimps
2 C Dashi Stock
1 t Sake
1 t Soysauce
Mitsuba leaves ( Celery like herb)

1. Clean Matsukake with wet cloth and slice them.
2. Clean Shrimps and sprinkle sake
3. As soon as Dashi Stock, Sake and Soy sauce boils, place Shrimps and Matsutake and turn off the heat.
4. Top with Mitsuba leaves and serve while it is hot.