Frofuki Daikon

Daikon is a wonderful vegetable in a way when you cook it slow in a broth; it soaks up all the flavor of the broth and provides its own
sweetness. You can use chicken broth but here is a vegetarian recipe.

For two:
6 inches Daikon

1 piece Kombu
4 C Water
1/2 t Soy sauce

1/4 C Miso
3 T Water
1 T Mirin (Sweet Sake)
2 t Sugar

To Prepare Daikon,
1. Cut Daikon in two large pieces
2. Peal the skin, cut a cross in the center of Daikon
3. Pre-boil Daikon in water for 30 min. Wash them with clean water.
4. Place Kombu in the bottom of a pan and put water, soy sauce, salt and cook Daikon for 20 min.

To Prepare Miso sauce,
1. Mix all ingredients in a pan, cook with low heat, and constantly stir till

the sauce gets thick.

Place Daikon on a plate and top with a Miso sauce.