White Turnip Tuna sauce

It is easy to prepare using Canned Tuna.

For two:
1 Canned Tuna (cooked in water)
4 White Turnips
2 C Dashi
1 T Mirin
1 T Soy sauce
1 t Sesame oil
1 t Potato starch ( Corn starch)

1. Peel and cut cross on the bottom of White Turnip, leave 1/2 inch of green stalk.
2. Cook White Turnip with Dashi, Tuna can liquid and Mirin. Once boiled add soy sauce and continue to cook for 20 min.
3. Add chopped green top to the pan and add sesame oil. Take out White Turnip on a bowl.
4. Add starch to the sauce in the pan and boil. Pour over the Turnip