Broccoli Beef

Stir-fry. It is easy, quick and once you know a few tricks you can create so many variations to enjoy all fresh ingredients or anything in your refrigerator. Broccoli Beef could be your favorite at one of your favorite Chinese restaurant or take out places. But it is so easy to whip it up. When you see such a nice looking fresh broccoli at the market, this could be the one you should whip it up.

For any Stir-fry dishes, you need to cut all vegetable and prepare all seasoning before you ignite your gas stove. You warm the pan well and keep the high heat for the most of the menu. It should take only 10 min at most or more like 5 minutes of cooking. Having said that, here we go.

Broccoli Beef:
For 2:

1/3 Ib thin sliced beef
1/3 Ib Broccoli
1 clove Garlic
1T Sake or white dry wine
1 T Oyster Sauce (this is something you need to stock in your refrigerator all the time)
1 t Salted Koji (salted rice malt, you can find at any Japanese super market)
1 t Soy sauce
2 t potato starch (dissolved in same amount water)
2 t roasted sesame oil
salt, pepper

1. Marinade beef with salt, pepper and salted Koji. Cut broccoli, Chop garlic.

2. With high heat, quickly brown both sides of beef slices in frying pan with sesame oil and take them out in a plate.

3. In the same pan, stir fry broccoli and garlic till broccoli changes its color then add Sake and put the lid on till broccoli get tender.

4. Add beef slices back in the pan, add oyster sauce and soy sauce. Add watered potato starch and cook a few more minutes till the sauce gets thick.