Takkanmari. It is a Korean Chicken pot. It is supposed to use a whole chicken but here is a simpler version by using chicken wings. A special “Tategi” sauce makes this dish.

For Four:
4 pieces Chicken wings
1 piece Chicken breast meat
1 Potatoes
1 White long onion
2 Oz Chinese Chives
1 piece Garlic clove
1 piece Ginger
1 Qt Water
2 T Sake
1 t Salt
1 pinch White Pepper

[Tategi Sauce:]
1-1/2 t Grounded red pepper
1 t Sugar
1-1/2 t Fish sauce
1 t White sesame
1 T Water
1/2 t Garlic paste
1 T Chopped Green onion

1. Cut chicken wings and meat into 1-inch pieces. Cut Potato in about the same size.
Slice White onion diagonally. Cut Chinese chives into 2 inch pieces. Slice Garlic thin. Julienne Ginger.

2. Cook Chicken meat, garlic, and ginger with water for 10 min. Add potato until folk tender.

3. Add white onion and Chinese chives and cook another a few min.

4. Eat with Tategi sauce.