Heirloom tomato soup

Colorful and cool Heirloom tomato soup. It can be a good appetizer or a dessert. For a dessert you can make it sweeter but this recipe brings luscious tomato flavor.

For 4~5:
1 Ib Heirloom mini tomato
2 C Water
1-1/2 T Honey
1 T White Wine
1 t Lemon Juice
Pink peppercorns
Mint and/or Basil

1.Peal tomatoes by quickly boiling for a few seconds. It peals easier if you put a small cross cut in the skin.

2. Bring water, honey, white wine and lemon juice to boil and let it cool.

3. Put tomatoes in the cooled liquid you have made above and add peppercorns and herbs and keep it in a refrigerator over night to allow flavors to meld.