Pumpkin, beans and coconut milk soup

It is a very simple and easy to make naturally sweet Pumpkin soup. No need to use sugar, chicken broth nor a blender.

Pumpkin, beans and coconut milk soup:

For four;
1-1/2 Ib Pumpkin (without skin and seeds)
1 can Mixed beans or 3/4 Ib of cooked mixed beans
1 t butter
2 T white wine
3 C water
5 T Coconut milk

1. Slice pumpkins
2. Melt butter in a pan and sauté sliced pumpkins a little. Add white wine and continue to sauté. Add water
3. Once pumpkins are soft, roughly smash pumpkins with a wooden ladle.
Add drained mixed beans.
4. Add coconut milk. Add salt to taste.
Top with a tad of coconut milk before serving.