Sugar Snap Peas and Chickpeas Soup

For Four:
1 Can (9oz) Cooked chickpeas
10 sticks Sugar snap peas
1/3 Onion
1/2 Carrots
1 clove Garlic
3 C Chicken broth
2 t E.V.O.O.
1/2 t salt

1. rinse chickpeas with water and drain it.

2. Chop Garlic fine, cut vegetables into 1/2 inch pieces. Take snap peas out of the shell and cut the shell to 1/2 inch pieces.

3. Sauté garlic with E.V.O.O., add Oinon, Celery and Carrots in the order.

4. Add chicken broth and cook till vegetables become tender.

5. Add chickpeas, salt and pepper

6. Add Sugar Snap Peas