Porcini Risotto

An extra texture of brown rice is fun to eat. $15

Porcini Brown Rice Risotto

For Two
Brown Rice 1C
Porcini 1/4 Ib
Garlic 1/2 clove
Chicken broth 3C
E.V.O.O. 1T
Grated Parmigiano Reggiano 2T
Salt, Pepper

1. Soak Brown Rice in Water for 20 minutes and drain the water.
2. Sauté Porcini, garlic with E.V.O.O,
3. Add Rice and continue to sauté
4. Add 2/3 Chicken broth and cook with slow heat till no liquid
5. Add the rest of Chicken broth and continue to cook with slow heat till no liquid
3. Add Cheese, Salt and Pepper