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There is no in-season as it produces fruits year-round in the native region of central Mexico. Guacamole is a great salsa. Avocado goes well with seafood, chicken or any meats.


Fresh Figs. The better crops of two seasons each year are harvested in the late summer. Figs are rich in nutrients and very sweet. Some call them fruits of an eternal life.


Mango is cultivated all over the world and available in almost all seasons but since it is a subtropical fruit it is ripen and taste great in summer here in California.


Apricots and Cherries — but the Apricot is the topic today. The Apricot is in season and the fruit is wonderful to eat but there will be a lot of stone left after eating Apricots. There is a white seed inside of a stone. Continue reading


California produces abundance of stone fruits and it is already in a midst of the season. Nectarine is a type of peaches without fuzzy skin and you can eat with the skin. The skin itself is a bit sour but sweetest meat is right underneath waiting for your bite.


It is a season you start seeing Kumquats at the market. Its rind is sweet and eaten raw but marmalade or jelly is also good. It also can be preserved in salt, in sugar or dried. Some believe its juice makes a remedy for sore throats.