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It is a season for Satsuma-Imo. You can find all kinds of Yam and Sweet Potato in the market. Japanese Yam, Garnet Yam, White Sweet Potato, Purple Sweet Lord and such. Actually, Yam and Sweet Potato belong to  different family. The listed here are actually all sweet potato. Confusing!  Nonetheless Sweet Potato, Satsuma-Imo and such, is not only sweet and tasty but also is rich in vitamin C and dietary fiber. How should I use it? Will see.


I found healthy looking thick Aloe about 20 inches long in a market. Peal off the skin with a sharp knife. There appears clean translucent gel. Aloe is  believed to have many health benefits. How shall I use for cooking?


As Halloween approaching, there are many kinds of Kabocha in a market. I mean many kinds, sweet ones, not so sweet one, dry hard one, moist one. When i think of Kabocha, it got be that…..


A big pile of Okra at a market. You can pick the size depends on the dish you are planning. I chose little ones (about 1 inch long) today. You can enjoy crunchyness or soft and juicy.


You can find fresh eggs in a market. Eggs are better fresh. Egg york and even white should make a firm mound when you break onto a flat plate. Once you know where to find fresh eggs, that’s your treasure.


A customer requested to cook Kale. I found beautiful Kale in a market. Kale is highly nutritious vegetable but often believed to be bitter and tough. What kind of soup should I make?