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I found healthy looking thick Aloe about 20 inches long in a market. Peal off the skin with a sharp knife. There appears clean translucent gel. Aloe isĀ  believed to have many health benefits. How shall I use for cooking?


Apricots and Cherries — but the Apricot is the topic today. The Apricot is in season and the fruit is wonderful to eat but there will be a lot of stone left after eating Apricots. There is a white seed inside of a stone. Continue reading


Arugula, also knows as rocket, roquette, rucola, rugula, you see in my salad often. It has a rich, peppery taste and a pungent flavor, rich in Vitamin C and Potassium. Wild Arugula has even darker flavor with sweet peppery taste. Its flower is edible.


Asparagus is in season. You are so tempted to buy at the first sight of vegetables in the season because you were waiting this for so long but if you wait till the mid season the vegetables develop with full flavor and taste much better. Continue reading


There is no in-season as it produces fruits year-round in the native region of central Mexico. Guacamole is a great salsa. Avocado goes well with seafood, chicken or any meats.

Baby Zucchini with a flower

A baby Zucchini with a flower. Zucchini grows so fast it is tricky to pick them at a right timing. It can grow bigger than a foot ball in the late season but this young tiny zucchini with a flower is a treat of the season as well.