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Baked Onion

Baked Onion. Bake whole onion, take the inside out, cook a bit longer, mix with Parmigiano Reggiano and put them back in the shell. If you enjoy the sweetness and full flavor of the onion, this is a way. Un-doubtedly good accompany for a glass of a slightly fruity wine or a sparkling. $8


Bruschetta brings brightness and everyone’s appetite to the table. Dice Tomatoes in 1/3 inch cubes and place them in a sieve. Mix drained tomatoes with chopped fresh Sweet Basil and place a scoop on a toasted, garlic rubbed slice of baguette. This will kick off a great evening.

Camembert cheese Pie

Dried Tomatoes and Basil were sandwiched inside of whole Camembert Cheese and wrapped with a pie sheet. Flaky light pie crust with melting Camembert enhanced with concentrated tomato flavor with basil. You know this is a great combination. Great wine companion. $20