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Pumkin Soup

It is 80 degree near the end of October here in L.A. You can buy fresh corn as well as pumpkin in a market. I wanted to make pumpkin soup for Halloween but I also used corn. Pumpkin & Corn Soup. Sweetness of corn and pumpkin match very well. $6

Chicken broth

It is essential to have a good chicken stock for good soup. Broil chicken bones first and cook slowly with onions, carrots and celery. You can comfortably use outer skins where a lot of flavors and all when the vegetables are organic. I will show you other types of stocks from time to time.


Green Onions can enhance a lot of dishes, espeially this fresh. Soup I made for green onion is Ramen which gaining a popularity quickly here in America. Chicken soup cooked slow and long with fresh ramen noodle using durum semolina flour. Green Onion Ramen $9

Ramen Soup Stock

Soup stock for Ramen is made special. Broiled chicken bones, onions, carrots, Green Onions, ginger, garlic and dried fish(Niboshi) and…… Rich Umami from chicken is backed up with dried fish stock which is ballanced with sweetness of vegetables and a little kick from flavoring vegetables. This is a must try for a big Ramen fan like you.

Pumpkin Skin

You wonder if there is any use for the pumpkin skin left over from making a pumpkin pie. It is a highly nutritious part and there is a good use for them. Kelp stock (Kombu Dashi) is a good match.